The road map of Floorp Browser v12 & v11.

The road map of Floorp Browser v12 & v11.

We’re currently undertaking a significant refactoring of Floorp, with the results delivered in Floorp 12.

However, stabilizing the new codebase will require more than a month. To address this, we’ll outline the roadmap here.

What happens in Floorp v12?

We’re moving away from the Firefox ESR base to a rapid release model to address long-standing web compatibility issues in Floorp. Migrating to Firefox’s release cycle requires solving a major technical hurdle. Floorp 11 relied on JavaScript and ES Modules, but this approach proved difficult to maintain.

Floorp v12 tackles this by rewriting the entire codebase using TypeScript and Solid.js. Solid.js is a fast framework that prioritizes execution speed, ensuring smooth performance.

The test build of Floorp 12, codenamed “Noraneko” by NyanRus, has already benefited from contributions beyond Floorp founder Ryosuke Asano. This collaborative effort promises a more stable browser.

However, the transition requires extensive refactoring, a labor-intensive process. We’ll spend the next one to two months rewriting the code before offering a preview version. Floorp 11 will continue receiving updates until Floorp 12 achieves stability.

While Floorp wasn’t originally closed source, we plan to revert to an open-source license under the GNU definition.

What will happen in Floorp v11?

Floorp v11 will remain available as an upgrade option for ESR128 if Floorp 12 fails to achieve stability. However, if Floorp 12 becomes stable before ESR115 support ends, Floorp 11 will reach end-of-life as soon as support for ESR115 ceases.

Several features are also being discontinued during the transition from Floorp 11 to Floorp 12:

  • User agent switcher.
  • Support for userChromeJS.
  • Support for 32-bit Windows builds.
  • The ability to switch between Fluerial, Fluent UI, and GnomeUI designs (new designs may be added in the future)

These features are being discarded because they often cause problems for Floorp and offer minimal benefit.

About monetization for Floorp.

Several members of the Ablaze or Floorp community have inquired about monetization plans.

Our initial focus is exploring monetization through the search engine. A subscription service is not currently considered a viable option.

Advertising is also under consideration, but we prioritize a user-friendly experience and will avoid intrusive ads. This will remain a focus for future monetization strategies.