Floorp Browser | v11.10.0 ~ v11.10.2 Release Notes

Floorp Browser | v11.10.0 ~ v11.10.2 Release Notes


Release notes tell you what’s new in Floorp. Your feedback The Floorp Projects welcomes. You can submit bugs and new features on GitHub, and check out the Floorp source code used for this release.

Starting with version 11, Floorp offers automatic updates on all desktop platforms. Updates are automatically installed on both “Daylight” and “Stable” channels.

We would like to express our special thanks to all the developers, users, and contributors who contributed to this release.

🌟 What’s new!

  • Now, Users can run almost of extensions on Floorp’s Sidebar (Browser Manager Sidebar)!

You can enable most extensions to work in the browser manager sidebar by changing the settings in about:preferences#bSB and restarting Floorp.

Enabling this preference also allows picture-in-picture and web developer tools to work in the sidebar.

However, not all extensions are compatible, and there are some additional limitations to keep in mind. This feature uses a complex workaround to make incompatible extensions work by opening a separate Floorp window within Floorp itself, so it may be unstable.

Unfortunately, AdGuard is currently not functional. However, extensions with similar blocking capabilities, like uBlock Origin, do work. We recommend exploring different add-ons to find one that meets your needs.

EX: Running uBlock Origin’s block feature on YouTube.

ℹ️ Changed

  • Some Custom Shortcut Key (CSK) actions relating to split view were added.

  • Improved the mechanism used when restoring workspaces so that workspaces start up faster.

  • Now, uses can delete the links in the bottom-right corner of Floorp Home. by @TheChilledBuffalo

❌ Fixed

  • Fixed various issues related to the Browser Manager sidebar.
  • Various bug fixes.

v11.10.1 Added

  • Fix cannot use workspaces on startup

v11.10.2 Added

  • Fix cannot open Floorp Home