Floorp in 2023, looking back & What will come at 2024.

Floorp in 2023, looking back & What will come at 2024.

2023’s Overview of Floorp

2023 was a revolutionary year for Floorp. We got more than 10K active users on Floorp 11. This chapter made us & Ablaze community more active.

Features Update

Floorp 11 is the current Floorp major version. It started in July 2023. It takes some big features to Floorp. “PWA”, “Vertical Tab”, “Workspaces” and “Split View” are them. These features took lots of benefits to users.

Why I implement these features? The reason is coming from the code name. Floorp 11’s code names is “Quantum Disruption”.

So… Most of Firefox forks take care about privacy. But, There is no big feature used for every day. Protect user privacy is one of the important things. However, I am against too much consideration for privacy and too little functionality.

Floorp implements several privacy-sensitive features, but only enable a level of implementation that is not a problem when users are browsing. This will continue in the future. As much as possible, Floorp continues to be the browser that protects your privacy and fights for YOU on the Web.

Grow up Ablaze & Floorp Community

In the start of 2023, We created Subreddit on Reddit. Now. We get 1K Redditors on r/Floorp. Oversea users growing up now! And Ablaze community Discord server has over 600 users now. Increased communication between users symbolizes the excitement of Floorp!

Some community members effort to take evolution to Floorp. Representative work by the community is posted here:

These userChrome.css are awesome. Try it!

What’s coming in the future?

Floorp 12 is this year’s major version. This takes users to some awesome new features. Floorp 12 will be a new beginning for Floorp.

And before Floorp 12 is released, a “Floorp origin” version will be available for a limited time to look back at Floorp 8 ~ 10.

Floorp will continue to develop and evolve; 2024 will be bigger than 2023. Let’s continue to work with the community and together create the best browser ever.