Floorp Browser | v.10.6.2 Release Note

Floorp Browser | v.10.6.2 Release Note


This release was made available to all users on October 17.

Release notes describe what’s new in Floorp. The Floorp project welcomes your feedback. You can file bugs and new features on GitHub, or check out the Floorp source code he used for this release.

Starting with version 10, Floorp has auto-updates on all platforms except macOS. A user can update by simply granting a request for administrative privileges. On macOS, Floorp checks for updates on startup. If there is an update, a notification will be displayed and clicking will download the installer.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all the developers, users and contributors who contributed to this release.

Users of 10.6.0 will update directly to this release.

❌ Fixd

Fixed various issues.

・Problem that setting site etc. is displayed in dark mode in light mode

・Fixed an issue where the browser manager sidebar was out of order with the normal sidebar