Floorp Browser | v11.13.0 ~ v11.13.3 Release Notes

Floorp Browser | v11.13.0 ~ v11.13.3 Release Notes


Release notes tell you what’s new in Floorp. Your feedback The Floorp Projects welcomes. You can submit bugs and new features on GitHub, and check the a part Floorp of source code used for this release.

Starting with version 11, Floorp offers automatic updates on all desktop platforms. Updates are automatically installed on both “Daylight” and “Stable” channels.

We would like to express our special thanks to all the developers, users, and contributors who contributed to this release.

🌟 What’s new!

  • Now, workspaces can be reordered from the context menu!

Added at v11.13.3

  • Now, users can now resize the site you’re viewing while using Split View.

Thanks @TheChilledBuffalo

Also, tabs used in split view are now highlighted with a red bar as shown on screen.

ℹ️ Changes

  • Floorp’s codebase has undergone a significant refactoring to enhance its clarity and maintainability

All of Floorp’s content scripts have been rewritten in ESM (ECMAScript Modules). Floorp is also in the process of cleaning up its codebase to move from an ESR (Extended Support Release) to a Rapid Release model.

Later this year, Ablaze plans to launch a number of initiatives to help maintain the health of the browser and generate revenue from its software in a way that doesn’t compromise user privacy.

❌ Fixed

v11.13.1 Added

  • Cannot open X.com.
  • Cannot use status bar if user revert to default setting.
  • Fix slowdown site loading if SSB enabled.

v.11.13.2 Added

  • Cannot scroll vertical tab bar.
  • Cannot use toolbar on PWA window.

v11.13.3 Added

  • Cannot use open in external browsers.
  • Fix memory leak caused by web panel.
  • Fix cannot set new tab button on end of vertical tab bar.
  • Browser Sidebar toolbar is broken with Auto hide Bookmarks feature enabled.
  • Some various issue fix.