Floorp Browser | v.10.6.1 Release Note

Floorp Browser | v.10.6.1 Release Note


This release has been rejected. See the release notes for 10.6.2 in addition to what’s in this release note. Fixed to update directly.

Release notes describe what’s new in Floorp. The Floorp project welcomes your feedback. You can file bugs and new features on GitHub, or check out the Floorp source code he used for this release.

Starting with version 10, Floorp has auto-updates on all platforms except macOS. A user can update by simply granting a request for administrative privileges. On macOS, Floorp checks for updates on startup. If there is an update, a notification will be displayed and clicking will download the installer.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all the developers, users and contributors who contributed to this release.

🦊 Firefox Update

Firefox has been updated to ESR 102.4. This update has security & bug fixes.

🌟 New

・Floorp now syncs some of your Floorp settings through Firefox Sync.

What is synced
1. Web Panel URL configured in Floorp.
2. Container tab settings set in Floorp’s web panel.

・Added memory usage setting to Floorp’s performance settings.

ℹ️ Changed

・Changed the context menu of Floorp for Windows to the same design as Firefox and changed the color of the context menu of each design.

・UI density no longer changes when selecting Proton Fix and Proton UI.

・Updated the tree type tab to the latest version 3.9.5 and removed the modification by Floorp.

・Slightly increased the default width size of Floorp’s browser management tools.

・Floorp has removed the Material Design theme and the Firefox Photon theme.
The design has not been deleted. Theme only.

・The Japanese (ja) language pack has been updated to the latest for Firefox.

❌ Fixed

・Fixed the problem that the fix of VCruntime140.dll did not work well.

・Fixed an issue with the context menu of the browser management tool.

・Fixed an issue where the horizontal scroll bar was displayed in the select box of the browser manager sidebar, which occurred only on Windows 10.

🤖 For Developers and Contributors

Floorp’s repository is now cleaner. Floorp’s code has been rewritten and moved to a Floorp core approach that shares less of Firefox’s code with Floorp’s code.

Until the past version, Floorp took the method of overwriting and adding files to the Firefox code, but from version 10.5.0, the folder that was being tested was newly created in the Firefox source code and the Floorp code was added. It has been completely replaced by placing it in place and calling Floorp’s code from the Firefox side.

For translators: Please put all your Floorp language data in browser/floorp.ftl. Floorp interprets the language data entered here and automatically assigns the language data to each site and UI. You no longer need to bother writing to each file.

For code contributors: Floorp’s code is all in the ./floorp folder as described above. Follow the codebase when creating new features for Floorp. Also, keep your commit messages consistent. If you modify Firefox’s functionality, it’s okay to change Firefox’s code as well.

Floorp will also begin follow-up testing to Rapid Release Firefox over the next eight weeks. Only bug fixes and security fixes are planned for 10.7.0.