Floorp Browser | v11.8.2 Release Notes

Floorp Browser | v11.8.2 Release Notes

Release notes tell you what’s new in Floorp. Your feedback The Floorp Projects welcomes. You can submit bugs and new features on GitHub, and check out his Floorp source code used for this release.

Starting with version 11, Floorp offers auto-update on all desktop platforms. Updates are automatically installed on both “Daylight” and “Stable” channels.

We would like to give a special thanks to all the developers, users, and contributors who contributed to this release.

At First

  • New Workspace Update Warning!!

**If you get problem relate to “Simple Tab Groups”, Please disable workspaces on preferences**

If you use new Workspaces, please use “customize toolbar” & Drag Workspaces button to toolbar.

❌ Fixed

  • Various security fixes.
  • Resolved an issue where vertical tab bar could no longer be scrolled with the mouse wheel if “Collapse Vertical Tabs” was enabled when vertical tabs were enabled.
  • Add various no compatibility website injections.
  • Resolved an issue where the workspace would occasionally multiply into two if the workspace setting “Manage workspaces in the browser manager sidebar” was enabled and Floorp was set not to restore the previous tab when starting up.
  • Resolved workspace button bloat issue in Fluerial UI.
  • Fixed an issue where digital signatures were missing in the Windows version.

💀 Unresolved

  • Floorp on macOS is experiencing an issue where the workspace context menu proliferates. This problem does not affect usability, but we would like to fix it (if possible) within the next month.