Floorp Browser | v.11.3.0 Release Notes

Floorp Browser | v.11.3.0 Release Notes


This release has been deployed.


Release notes tell you what’s new in Floorp. Your feedback The Floorp Projects welcomes. You can submit bugs and new features on GitHub, and check out his Floorp source code used for this release.

Starting with version 11, Floorp offers auto-update on all desktop platforms. Updates are automatically installed on both “Daylight” and “Stable” channels.

We would like to give a special thanks to all the developers, users, and contributors who contributed to this release.

🌟 What’s new!

  • Now, Floorp show release note after Floorp installed update!

Ready for this, We provide English version of release notes instead of Japanese version of it.

ℹ️ Changed

  • Workspaces doesn’t disable by tab group add-on.

Before Floorp 11.2.1, If Floorp notice installed tab group add-on, Workspaces is disabled by Floorp. This feature is removed.

If you want to use tab group add-on, Disable Workspaces & reboot Floorp.

  • OSFile.jsm has been removed.

  • Some codes are refactored. Causes by this, Floorp gets more speed.

  • IP address hidden settings are changed by Firefox’s default. This change makes Floorp’s speed-up.

  • Now, user.js install feature has auto-update feature. Re-install user.js to apply this configuration.

❌ Fixed

  • Lepton Original design causes Floorp’s vertical tab bugs, Lepton developer (@black7375) fixed this bug. Thanks!

  • Resolve some small issues.

  • Remove exclude pinned tabs feature, This feature causes bug.