Floorp Browser | v.10.6.0 Release Note

Floorp Browser | v.10.6.0 Release Note


This release is available October 2nd at 9am

Release notes describe what’s new in Floorp. The Floorp project welcomes your feedback. You can file bugs and new features on GitHub, or check out the Floorp source code he used for this release.

Starting with version 10, Floorp has auto-updates on all platforms except macOS. A user can update by simply granting a request for administrative privileges. On macOS, Floorp checks for updates on startup. If there is an update, a notification will be displayed and clicking will download the installer.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all the developers, users and contributors who contributed to this release.

🌟 New

・Are you looking for an excellent sidekick? Isolate cookies in your sidebar and get more done!

You can now use the container tab feature that allows you to segregate cookie🍪 in the web panel of Floorp’s browser manager sidebar.

The container settings are added next to the custom URL setting in the settings and can be changed there. A web panel opened in a container will have color added to the left.

Browser manager sidebar with isolated cookies

You can use userChrome.css to change the colors.

・Let’s transition the website anywhere easily like a ninja!

Added a home button to the icons in the browser manager sidebar that appear when viewing the web panel. Clicking on it will instantly take you back to the page set in the web panel.

・Switch more faster!

Clicking the select box icon of a selected web panel now closes the side panel.

・Is the device running slow? Want to hear audio in the main viewer? Silence the web panel!

Added context menu for web panel select box icons. From here you can unload and mute/unmute audio.

・Let’s increase the efficiency of webpanel operation!

Switching a web panel to a browser management tool or another web panel no longer unloads the originally displayed web panel!

This makes the select box toggle button work like a tab. Also, the convenience of the user who used it as a music player will increase.

Improved the performance of switching between opening a web panel once, opening browser management tools, and then opening the same web panel again.

In particular, it has been improved to display faster when switching to TST.

・Did you forget something? fine! Floorp remembers everything!

Added a button to remember the width size of the browser manager sidebar for each panel.

It will be easier when switching to other panels by remembering it on websites that require width, such as Discord.

・The open panel icon is now highlighted in the browser manager sidebar.

Icons float when highlighted, same as Firefox’s Proton UI design.

・New localization, Chinese added
Thanks!: benzBrake

ℹ️ Changed Points

・Browser manager sidebar is now enabled by default for all users.

・The Forward, Back, Back to Home, and Reload buttons are no longer displayed when viewing the Browser Management Tools in the Browser manager sidebar.

❌ Fixed

・Fixed an issue where the Browser Manager Sidebar would interfere with websites opened in the normal viewer, causing the bottom portion of the website to be invisible when using the Browser Manager Sidebar on small screens or high magnification displays did.

・Fixed an issue where the panel select box icon was covered due to the large width of the scroll bar on Windows 10.

・The select box in the side panel is now hidden when the Floorp itself is fullscreen (including YouTube fullscreen and F11-pressed mutual).

・Solved the problem that the “back” button in the browser manager sidebar becomes the “close” button when using Gnome UI, which is designed exclusively for Linux, and Fluent UI, which is exclusively designed for Windows.

・Fixed an issue where bookmarks could not be added in Bookmarks Sidebar mode of the Browser Manager Sidebar.

・Fixed an issue where the tree-type tab panel in the browser manager sidebar had less context menu.

・ Various stability, functionality and security fixes.

・Various browser code improvements by regularenthropy, English translation fixes, new Russian localization